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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Gerry Maguire

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

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This Episode’s Guest - Gerry Maguire, Head of Irish Film London Festival

In today’s episode I caught up with Gerry Maguire, the Head of Irish Film London, an organisation that promotes and offers a platform for Irish film across the UK. Gerry says:

“It's just so culturally important and has become an exciting thing, not only to have the responsibility of leading this organisation, but also just to be connected to people who are at home.” Gerry began by telling me how he started in the industry since moving from Ireland, from becoming a producer to working on the film festival circuit, as well as his current role. Here we go…

In this episode Gerry talks about:

  • The financial challenges film festivals face.

  • Inside Irish Film London.

  • The realm of festival programming.

  • The importance of having a festival strategy for your film.

  • The role of a festival programmer.

  • The importance of making the most of opportunities for your film.

  • George Ovashvili’s, Corn Island (2014).

  • The changing approaches to film distribution/release strategies.

  • The future of online distribution and the importance of expanding your reach.

You can find Gerry on:

Instagram: @gerrymaguire

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