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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Steve Balderson

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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This Episode’s Guest - Steve Balderson, director of Firecracker (2005) and author of Filmmaking Confidential: Secrets from an Independent Filmmaker (2020).

Currently based in Los Angeles, Steve attended film school at California Institute of the Arts, quickly launching his career in independent movies accordingly.

His second film Firecracker (2005) was critically acclaimed, winning a Special Jury Award on Roger Ebert’s list of 2005’s Best Films. He has since made a film nearly every year under his production company, Dikenga Films, as well as running a film production course on ‘How to Find Investors’ and recently released his own book called Filmmaking Confidential: Secrets from an Independent Filmmaker (2020).

With over 20 years of experience behind him, Steve has a wealth of knowledge to share, so keep your ears peeled for some practical advice that could benefit your own films.

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In this episode Steve talks about:

  • Benefits of shooting on a local level.

  • The importance of figuring out who is in control on a project.

  • Telling genuine stories to build audience connection.

  • Trying not to view challenges as problems.

  • Realising and understanding your budget.

  • The importance of marketing and promotion.

  • The director’s role.

  • Understanding how financial players operate.

  • How to find investors.

  • Defining your target market.

  • Finding alternative ways to exhibit your film during the Covid crisis.

  • Festival submission fees.

*** Competition Time ***

We are holding our first ever podcast competition. Steve has been very kind to us and is giving away two Audible copies of his book - Filmmaking Confidential: Secrets from an Independent Filmmaker.

Follow JB Audio Post Production on IG and FB to find out how to win.

Two lucky listeners will be proud owners of this book and will have a direct access to all the secrets Steve has learned over 20 years as an independent filmmaker.

You can find Steve Balderson on:

Instagram: @dikenga

Twitter: @sbalderson

Follow Steve on Facebook:

Find Dikenga Films on YouTube:

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