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Mind Yourself series for Snapchat Originals

One of the projects we worked on and that really touched us was the 'Mind Yourself' series for Snapchat Originals. In this unscripted original series, each episode paints an honest and intimate portrait of a young person suffering or recovering from a mental health issue. From OCD and body dysmorphia through depression and PTSD, the series gives a human face - and hope - to young people facing similar issues.

The whole post-production process including offline editing, online, grade and sound mixing as finished at The Nest.

It's a first time we had to work on a series that are designed to be played only on mobile phone screens rather than TV. This also meant that the sound was mixed in the way that it sounds best on mobile phone speakers and headphones rather than big fully sounding studio monitors we usually use.

If you come across these series while scrolling through your feed, have a watch. They are around 5 minutes long and definitely worth the watch.


If you have a project coming up and you are looking for someone to take care of audio side of the post production, let us know your plans and drop an email, we'll be happy to help.


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