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Podcast: Filmmaker's Stories - Jacob Migicovsky

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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Born in Toronto, Canada, Jacob has always gravitated toward visual storytelling and a deep love of characters. His adoration for cinema of the 60s and 70s infuses his work with a tangible nostalgia, creating his own homage with every new film. As founder of Interesting Picture Company, Jacob is constantly involved with new projects, serving as writer/director on selected scripts, including the just completed satire ‘Liars & Cheats’. There's a lot to the job, but looking for damn good content seems to take up most of his time.

You can find about Jacob Micigovsky at:

You can email Jacob Micigovsky at:

Find out more about Liars & Cheats: @liars_and_cheats_film

Podcast provided by: JB Audio Post Production

Liars & Cheats Trailer

Must watch films recommended by Jacob Micigovsky

All The President's Men -

How do we create this podcast?

This podcast is recorded at our studio in the sound proofed VO booth with top-end microphones to guarantee the best audio quality to our listeners. It's not just because we have the tools, experience and skills to do that with confidence, but because we know that by having quality audio is the key element to make listeners come back every time new episode is out. Therefore, it makes so much easier to grow subscribers. Our listeners want to listen to clear, clean and easy to understand conversations and stories that meets the loudness standards of publishing platforms and doesn't get lost among the competition.

If you need help with creating your own podcast - is it recording, editing, mixing or just need a general advice on how to get going, feel free to get in touch. We'd be happy to be part of your journey!



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