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Full Audio Post Production for an Indie Feature Film 'Criminal Audition'

End of last year I had a pleasure to mix and sound design a short film called 'A Final Truth', directed by up and coming director - Samuel Gridley. It is based in the late 1930's Germany, in the wake of Nazi regime. The film was visually beautifully shot and worked perfectly together with the heartbreaking love story.

When you're in form, you just keep going. So, few month later Sam shot his debut feature film called 'Criminal Audition". And I couldn't be more pleased to announce that I've been asked to mix this film, too. The film is going through the last changes in the edit room, so hopefully I'll be able to start working on it soon.

If you want to get excited about this film like I am, please check them out on the usual social media platforms. They are doing a great job on keeping supporters in the loop with frequent updates and pictures from the shoot.

If you have a project coming up and you are looking for an audio post production, let me know your plans and drop me an email, I'll be happy to help.


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