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Audio Post Production on Short Film 'Cry'

Updated: May 25, 2020

First project has been mixed in my lovely sound studio at The Nest. It's a short film called 'Cry' directed by Guy Wilson.

It's been one of those projects where the more you work on it, the more you realise how much more there can be done. I loved the creative process of bringing Guy's vision to life and in close collaboration with composer Eduardo Andrade, we shaped the soundscapes and sound design to the level that truly represented and complemented the feel of the story. It was delivered as 5.1 surround and Stereo mix.

Here's what Guy had to say about the mix: 'Janis is a very accomplished sound editor and re-recording mixer. His work on 'Cry' was diligent and creative, making for a thoroughly enjoyable and productive collaboration. He brought my vision for the sound design to life, worked harmoniously with the composer, and delivered a polished soundscape befitting of cinema release. I am extremely grateful for the skill and hard work that he invested into the project.'

I wish, I could show you the film now, but as always - festivals first. So, watch this space.

If you have a project coming up and you are looking for an audio post production, let me know your plans and drop me an email, I'll be happy to help.



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