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JB's Voiceover Database

Provide Voice Over services

from your home studio 

to the clients all around the globe

  • Remote voice over recording workflow is here to stay for a foreseeable future.

  • The time of voice over artists having to be signed by an agent or an agency to get work, are fading.

  • The increase in remote working and access to technology in 2020 has created an opportunity for voice over artists to record at home - it's flexible and there's demand for it.

Why are we creating this database and what is it for?

Since the pandemic started, our voice over studio is not being used as much as it was a year ago because of social distancing restrictions. However, we are getting increasing amount of requests from our clients for VO artists who can record remotely. Clients are still in need for high quality voice over recordings. To keep things moving, we are asking independent voice over artists to join our database

Who are the clients?


We have partnered with ​an agency based in Europe that are always looking for english speaking VO talent. By joining our database, you are gaining an access to a completely new market with a very little competition.

Addition to that, you will also be promoted to the number of UK production companies with whom we have been friends for a long time and who will be happy to hire you for their next job.

Why join?

- Access to a completely new market in Europe with a very little competition

- No more waisting time with emails negotiating the rates

- Short, fast turnaround jobs

- Simple and clear workflow

- No Annual Membership Fees

- No Commission Fee

Bruna Balodis_Janis Balodis (25 of 25).j

How to join?

Register your interest and find out how you can benefit from joining the database by filling the form below


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